Every Manhattan Street Reminds Me of a Song

Every street and avenue in Manhattan is mentioned in a song. Okay, that’s technically not true. Well, it might be true, but I don’t have time to prove it. Still, in my time wandering around lower Manhattan, every street seemed to remind me of song lyrics. A few examples:

  • Delancy Street – “Hey remember that time I found a human tooth down on Delancy” – “That Time” by Regina Spektor.
  • Lafayette Street – “Well, I’m standing on the corner of Lafayette” – “That Was Your Mother” by Paul Simon (though, admittedly, this may refer to a street elsewhere in the country).
  • Mulberry Street – “I’m a big man on Mulberry street, I play the whole part, I leave a big tip with every receipt” – “Big Man on Mulberry Street” by Billy Joel (also references a bunch of other Manhattan streets, for example, “Houston to Canal street”).
  • Sullivan Street – “Take the way home that leads back to Sullivan Street” – “Sullivan Street” by Counting Crows.
  • Wikipedia lists a (Circle Line) boat load of such songs. That would be a fun crowd-sourced Google Maps mash-up. Get people to identify songs, mark them on a shared Google map and link them to an audio file on the web. You’d end up with this groovy musical collage of the city. Then, of course, you could expand it to the whole planet. Somebody get on that, would you?

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