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We were in the McNally Robinson bookstore in Nolita yesterday. It’s an excellent store, full of great books. As it turns out, it’s Canadian-owned (other stores are in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Toronto) and shares a space with a tea house owned by Moby.

Inside, I noticed a couple of book-selling ideas that were new to me. Neither was particularly original, I guess, but they struck me as clever ways to repackage the dead tree tome.

The first was a series of tree thematically-linked books, pre-wrapped as a ready-made-gift. Very handy for the lazy gift buyer (and wrapper):

Pre-Selected and Wrapped Books For Easy Gift Giving

I also spotted these attractively-packaged bundles of a DVD and the book on which it was based:

Packaging the Book and DVD Together

Neither idea is earth-shattering, but if I were a book seller these seem like to handy ways to sell more product.

This, incidentally, is an ancient but still very useful marketing tactic. I’ve written about it before: visit country X, steal clever ideas and implement them in country Y.

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  1. The movie release always provides a second life (sorry, couldn’t resist social media pun) for books. I’ve never liked the way so many books are reissued with new movie stills covers though.

    I think the book bundling idea is a brilliant one – and I bet if the bundling is done by humans rather than by algorithms (as it’s done on amazon) that it’s far more accurate a predictor of ‘if you liked this, you’ll also like [other two books].’

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