Three Clever Videos Related to the US Election

These are three clever videos I’ve come across in the last day and a half. Monique twittered about this Slate V video, encouraging Americans to go northward in the event of another Republican president:

Professor Lessig is, as always, thoughtful and articulate in his critique of California’s Proposition 8, a referendum on banning gay marriage:

James sent me this well-crafted take on the Mad Men (a show I have difficulty getting excited about) opening credits from the Simpsons:

In passing, I note that none of these three videos are hosted on YouTube. It’s kind of a video hosting and sharing ghetto, when you get right down to it. You can’t ignore it, but discerning video creators seem to favour other solutions.

Oh, and yes, the imminent new site design is wider than this one, so that video frames won’t jut into the sidebars anymore.


  1. Glad I am not the only one who does not get excited about Mad Men.

    Also, interesting comment about these videos being on other-tube(s?). I find that I only like youtube when I need to view the video on my iphone (which cannot stream any other video services yet).

  2. If it’s not Youtube or QuickTime I don’t get to see it on my iphone ( from whence I type at the moment). I guess I’ll just go watch the cat video again.

  3. The reason people who care about their videos avoid YouTube is that it looks like crap. The re-compression YouTube applies just jag-o-chunkifies the heck out of anything you upload, and it also forces an old-style taller aspect ratio than the HD video standard 16:9 that’s becoming more common.

    Other options, like Vimeo, Revver,, and Viddler, all do a better job. Even Flickr does, though you’re limited to 90 seconds there.

    And yup, Mad Men hasn’t been able to keep my interest either.

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