Lazy Web Request: Finding Goldcrest Black Pitted Cherries in Canada

My father and step-mother are in South Africa at the moment. While at a favourite restaurant in Cullinan, my step-mother rediscovered Goldcrest Black Pitted Cherries, and how tasty they are over ice cream. Here’s a photo of the can:

Goldcrest Black Pitted Cherries

She’s considering bringing some back, but wants to know if they’re available in Canada. She doesn’t, and I quote here, want to “carry coals to Newcastle”. Goldcrest’s site is no help, and my web searches have come up empty.

They’re apparently worth the effort, and my step-mother is excited because “the owner of the restaurant finally capitulated and gave the recipe to me”.


  1. I just had to send a comment. I know this is not technical stuff, but hey fellows, it is good dessert… Thanks so much for trying D… always, me

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