The Bits Around the Sex Scenes

Via Digg and Cracked, here’s the first safe-for-work minute of “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin”. The acting (and setup, and set for that matter) is hilariously awful:

Here’s another PG-rated clip. It features a hot-and-bothered Hillary Clinton uttering the classic line, “I’m so tired of bipartisanship. Why can’t we just be bi?”

The film is produced by Hustler, which, of course, is owned the creepy and politically-active Larry Flynt. Given Mr. Flynt’s leftward leaning, I’d imagine that this production doesn’t, you know, flatter Governor Palin.

These pieces reminded me of this more amusing take on bad porn acting starring Nathan Fillion. Also entirely work-safe.

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  1. Darren, sometimes I feel you and I lead parallel lives. I had just read that Cracked article and thought it was hilarious when I went to go check my RSS reader and your post was the first one to pop up.

    On a related note – did you see the promotional video that Diesel made themselves for their 30th birthday? (also Safe for Work)

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