Is That a Llama Behind Sarah Palin?

I didn’t watch Saturday Night Live last night, but I did watch the amusing pre-credits sketch today (courtesy of Backseat Cuddler). Here it is, in case you missed it:

If you pay close attention to the background of the bit with Governor Palin and Lorne Michaels, you’ll spot Abraham Lincoln and a llama. Or possibly an alpaca–I can never tell the difference. I captured a screenshot as Ms. Palin and Alec Baldwin move out of the frame (click it for larger version):


Apparently this is just a random llama (and dead president), applied for absurd comic effect. Strong work, SNL.


  1. I thought the opening was pretty weak. Tina Fey’s caricature of Palin is proving to be pretty one-note…then again, that’s probably because Palin is pretty one-note too.

    I thought the Palin rap during the “Weekend Update” segment was the funnier of the two bits.

    And I saw the llama/alpaca in the background and figured it was waiting to talk to Mark Wahlberg 😉

  2. As someone who has now seen more llama and alpaca than the average urbanite, I can tell you that’s a llama. I can tell by the size.

    (Thank you farm reporting!)

  3. SNL usually has a bunch of ‘weirdness’ in their halls during behind the scenes shots like the Palin one.

    You could also probably wonder why there was an Abe Lincoln costumed guy and a Vegas Showgirl in the background as well.

    It’s a 20+ year old joke they’ve always done.

    Kind of like how Hollywood backlot scenes in movies always have extras from all kinds of genres milling about.

  4. I think filmgoerjuan is correct – the llama is there to talk to Mark Wahlberg. There was a skit the previous week where Andy Sandborn (?) mimics Wahlberg “talking to animals” and on this week’s show Wahlberg comes back to set Sandborn straight.

  5. Samberg. Andy Samberg. And in the later skit, Wahlberg talks to a donkey, but never gets around to the llama.

    I wonder where you feed, water, and house livestock in downtown Manhattan?

  6. it is an obscure reference to Obama… who in many circles is being touted as the new Lincoln (a lawyer from illinois… ) and the hispanic campaign slogan como se llama? Obama!!! (loosely ‘what is his name? Obama!!) Note we only see the llama’s hindquarters… I thought it was subtle, slick and amusing…

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