BarCampy Goodness This Weekend

This weekend is the third annual version of the now legendary Vancouver BarCamp. There will be over 300 people this time around, and we’re taking over Granville Island with three different venues. The long term forecast looks okay, but it’s too soon to tell, weather-wise.

I wanted to post a quick run-down of the BarCamp stuff that I’m involved in. Descriptions are lifted from the BarCamp topics list:

  • How to Be a Laptop Bedouin or ‘Hobo 2.0’ – Julie and Darren are going to start a conversation about living where your work isn’t, and what tools and techniques you need to live in Africa and work in Yaletown.
  • – Todd and Darren want to lead a talk about building a short-term apartment rental site for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. The conversation will cover feasibility of the idea, requirements, business model and so forth. If participants think it’s a good idea, we’ll form an ad hoc group to build the site.
  • Don’t forget the post-BarCamp hockey pool at the Backstage Lounge. We’re going to try to occupy their big back room, and there’s dinner to be had if you’re feeling peckish. We’ve got 9 or 10 participants thus far, and we’ve got space for 15. You’re welcome to join even if you’re not coming for BarCamp.


  1. Is there wifi at the The Backstage Lounge? In order to implement my “choose the hottest players” draft strategy, I may need to Google players to determine their level of hotness.

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