Dave Gorman Has a Blog

Dave Gorman is a gifted writer and documentary comedian from Britain. I first discovered him while living in Ireland. We watched his awesomely funny six-part BBC series “Are You Dave Gorman?”. Based on a Fringe show, Gorman accepts a bet to find 52 other “Dave Gormans”. The premise is amusing, but his presentation is fantastic, full of dry wit and illustrative charts. Here’s the only video clip I could find:

And he’s got a blog (and a Flickr account). And he’s had it for, like, three years. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon it (er, not that way), but I’m subscribed.

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  1. This is pretty old. My cousin in England told me about the “other Dave Gormans” show years ago (2002 maybe). She really enjoyed the show, but at the time there wasn’t any way for me to watch it.

    He came on The Daily Show once (that I remember) to do a skit with John Oliver, whom he used to work with at the BBC. I don’t think their comedy translated well to a US audience, unfortunately.

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