Great Wisdom on Web 2.0 Community Building

James (who has his own Web 2.0 community) pointed me to this terrific article by Furqan Nazeeri about building and promoting a new online community. Furqan launched ObamaCycle, a site for recycling campaign materials.

I agree with every point in the list–they all jibe with our experience. None of his ideas are earth-shattering, but they’re definitely useful:

If there is a true community around your site, then members will overlook a lot of faults. On ObamaCycle, campaign materials are “listed” in discussion forum format, but the formatting sucks and it’s hard to find stuff. Despite that a lot of people have and continue to use the site.

Of course, Furqan benefited from having an eager real-world community to connect with, but it sounds like he did lots of stuff right.

I liked it so much, I submitted it to Digg and Reddit.

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  1. Hello, do not be so pessimistic please, actually some of the issues presented by him are good tips for the ones who are making their first steps in this field. Let me agree with you partly; it is not that we in reality do not have a real community and Furqan has created it for his own purpose. Don’t you agree that some of these steps offered by him were followed by you also at some time? I have posted a question to Furqan and I hope that I will get an answer to it. As soon as I get the answer I’ll let you know about it as I am highly interested in your point of you concerning the question under consideration.

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