Skin Tone Not Included

After they linked to my old blog post on Michelle Branch’s posterior, I subscribed to a blog called Photoshop Disasters. It’s pretty much exactly what you think it is. This has been the most entertaining example thus far:

What's Wrong With This Photo?

How did everybody miss that? Looking at this product shot, I guess that it’s supposed to be an orange-ish undershirt. But it still looks way too close to Caucasian skin tone to be acceptable.

Here’s my thesis (based on the larger originals on this page): the models were originally baring their midriffs. Somebody got a little nervous about being too risqué, so they erased the navels and Photoshopped in some undershirts. They just picked the wrong colour. Why else would they have the models’ shirts fluttering up just so?


  1. I, for one, applaud their willingness to use a model with a severe case of vitiligo of the tummy. Unless of course their cereal product actually causes this condition. In which case I deplore their lack of caring about their customers.

  2. Love this site. There are a few “entertainment blogs” of this variety that I am subscribed to in my Google Reader, another being the infamous “Passive Agressive” notes which can be hilarious from time to time. Here’s the link if you haven’t yet checked it out:

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