Two Random Thoughts After a Busy Moroccan Thursday

  1. The best name in the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations is unquestionably Junior Agogo. I watched Junior and his Ghanaian teammates lose 1-0 to Cameroon, who scored in the second-half, against the run of play. The game was spirited, and got a little ugly when Cameroonian defender Andre Bikey bizarrely pushed over a medical official who was attending to a fellow player.
  2. On my way back from the bar, I suffered some serious cognitive dissonance. A guy was sitting on a cardboard box, selling cigarettes in ones and twos. He was wearing a batter Calgary Flames hoodie. If I had better French, I’d have chatted with him about it.

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  1. I had a similar experience in Mumbai when I spotted a local wearing a “Do the Puyallup” t-shirt. That made me do a double take.

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