Techcouver Goes National

Last summer I collaborated with Rob from Techvibes and Christine from Blue Lime Media to build the first version of, a Vancouver transit map showing Web 2.0 companies.

Then Cameron from Reaction Lab got involved, and we had a much fancier, Flash-based version 2.0.

Techvibes has national ambitions, so with Christine’s help, they recently rolled out version 3.0. It’s based on Google Maps, is nation-wide and is no longer restricted to Web 2.0 companies. Check it out.


  1. how can I add to it? I’m in Edmonton and it doesn’t come up with any listing. Bioware is the first that comes to mind but there’s a tonne of tech in Edmonton.

  2. Wader: There’s a link in the top nav that says “Get on the Map”. Maybe they should change that to a more generic “Add to the Map”.

  3. This is awesome! As a tech journalist, I am constantly under deadline to find a local company in a specific kind of field. This is going to help enormously!

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