Roland’s Gift List for Geeks to Get a Life

Roland recently wrote up a 2007 Social Geek Gadget List for the Web 2.0 geek in your life. Then he decided that list was a little materialistic. Now he’s written another list, “some Vancouver-centric suggestions for getting away from the screen”

  1. Get your SGeek to play in the snow. Tubing, Tobogganing, Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing are inexpensive. Get a gift certificate or buy a lesson at a place like Cypress.
  2. On your bike sunshine! We are blessed with a mild but rainy climate. Get your SGeek a light (under $20) or some raingear and bike in the rain and the dark! It's fun and great exercise.
  3. Theatre tickets
  4. Dance tickets
  5. Music Tickets
  6. Gift certificate at fav restaurant
  7. Knit him or her a scarf. Essential and stylish in Vancouver.

As somebody who never wants anything for Christmas, I fully approve.

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