Iz Free From Ur Identity System?

When Google bought FeedBurner, I abused the power of LOLCats to complain about Google’s incredibly fractured identity system. I had at least a half-dozen different login/password combinations associated with Google-owned services, and things haven’t gotten any simpler in the ensuing six months.

According to TechCrunch, hope is on the horizon:

Google is rolling out a centralized profile system that will provide personalized information to each Google product you use. The unimaginatively named Google Profile will share information across all Google products, unifying often disparate Google systems that logins aside haven’t previously shared data with each other…

According to Google Operating System, Google profiles are now available in Shared Stuff, Google Maps, Google Reader and will be added to other web applications shortly.

Praises be! I gather this coincides with the whole “see my friends’ shared stuff” in Google Reader announcement.


  1. They are definitely related, as I set up my profile in Google Maps a couple of months ago and it transferred over to this new “friends” section of Google Reader. My wife, who did not set up her profile previously, did so last night through the Settings section of Reader.

  2. No, this doesn’t fix anything, Darren. Each “identity” is still a separate account, you just now get to fill out social profile information so stuff like your contacts automatically is updated if the other person is also using Google.

    We still deal with identities 1 through N and the difficulty of logging in and out and such.

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