A Shooting in Our Tiny Maltese Village

Walking back from town yesterday, I found our village square to be abuzz with activity. There were no less than eight police officers consulting in front of our church. The only other time I’d seen that kind of police presence was when the President dropped by for a visit.

As I turned into our little lane, I noticed a blood trail. It must have been 100 meters in length–happily it veered right where our alley forks, and not down to where we live. You could see where the victim staggered at one point and leaned against the wall for a bit. I took a photo:

Blood Trail

Julie got the gossip from the local shop, and I confirmed today in the paper that there’d been a shooting in Gharb. Apparently there a woman got pushed, and an argument ensued. Somebody went to get a gun, and kerblammo. Nobody died.

Inner city violence in a village of 900. Cool!


  1. Jaysus that’s close to home! Thanks the heavens and the Madonna you weren’t injured!

    Seriously, that is really close to your home. That may be the closest I have ever known someone to live to a human shooting.

  2. I thought the same as gilliebean, seeing the title and the photograph first.

    I’m glad nobody died… I guess there really is no escaping that kind of violence, even in an itty-bitty village like yours.

  3. I can’t believe how tiny and lacking in information that newspaper article was. They need a real crime reporter! : )

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