The Centre for Social Innovation

When I was in Toronto back in, er, September, I had lunch with my friend Sarah. Afterwards, she gave me a tour of the super-cool Centre for Social Innovation in downtown TO. Housed in a gorgeous heritage building, it’s home to seemingly dozens of small non-profits. Clustering them in one locations enables them to enjoy shared resources and economies of scale.

Sarah just blogged about the Centre having a new website (yes, powered by Drupal), created by our friends at Communicopia. It’s a great-looking site, and features plenty of photographs of the space. Here’s the official blurb on the home page:

The Centre for Social Innovation is a dynamic space in downtown Toronto, Canada. Our mission is to spark and support new ideas that are tackling the social, environmental, economic and cultural challenges we face today. We’re creating the spaces that social innovation needs to thrive and we’re contributing a few of our own ideas along the way!

Hmm…this blurb feels a little too written by the marketing committee, but you get the idea. I prefer language that says what it does on the box, so to speak. You have to dig a bit to get at what the Centre–at least what its physical space–is for.

Anyhow, it’s a remarkable place full of remarkable people. On top of all the social change activity, it has this super-cool living wall in the foyer, and one of Toronto’s only green roofs.

I see that one of the Centre’s tenants is Mammalian Diving Reflex, a theatre group doing some really interesting work around the globe. Er, they too could stand to simplify the text on their home page.

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