Why Hasn’t There Been a Tragically Hip Tribute Album?

I’ve been a fan of The Tragically Hip for, what, fifteen years. I’m biased, but I think they’ve been one of the country’s seminal and most influential bands over the past two decades.

So where’s the Tragically Hip tribute album? Gordon Lightfoot’s got one. So does Murray Mclachlan. Same with Neil Young. I guess they’re all considerably older than the Hip, but heck, even Stars have one. Kind of.

That would be a cool project, actually, to drive interest in such a tribute album. You set up a site that enables fans to vote on what songs they’d like covered, and which bands should cover them. Then you take that (and the mailing list and RSS subscribers you’ve got from the site) to the top vote-getting bands themselves, and see if they’ll contribute a song. Then you put all that together, and you’ve got yourself a Hip tribute album.


  1. Great idea Darren. I think this kind of thing would sell very well. To be honest I don’t really like the sound of the hip, but I like the songwriting of the hip and I think I might even enjoy a tribute album more than one of their original albums.

    By the way your categories are spilling out of your left colum on your commenting pages.

  2. And because every band ever is fighting over who has/gets to play New Orleans is Sinking.

  3. I do know of two Hip covers. The first being “Fiddler’s Green” by Stereophonics. And the second being “Courage” by Sarah Polley. It would be great though to hear other bands interpertations of the Hip’s work.

  4. I’d love to see one as well. Sam Roberts covering a Hip song would be really cool.

    To add to the covers mentioned above, Damnhait Doyle does an interesting version of Bobcaygeon.

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