Two Great Flash Games to Amuse and Distract You

When I get back to Canada, the first game I’m acquiring is Portal. I’ll have to pull my old Windows box out of storage, but it looks like it’ll be worth it. The trailer blew my mind, and reviews of the game itself are very promising. The game’s already spawned its own meme, which is always a good sign.

In the meantime, you and I can play the Flash version of the game. The graphics aren’t, uh, quite as slick, but it’s still fairly head-wrecking.

If you fancy something less brain-intensive, there’s always Euroball. I believe this is just quarter football, with slight variations. It’s a really nice implementation, though. I appreciate the nationalistic wrist bands.


  1. I own portal on my Xbox 360 and I love it…. it is a short game but worth checking out. It came in a game called the Orange Box, it has a few games on it all made by the same company.

  2. Portal is just amazing. It’s the most amusing and clever game I have ever played. The ending to the game is also terribly good.

  3. Just have to chime in here as well; Portal is really fantastic. Short as it may be, I really enjoyed.

    Come to think of it, I’ll have to try and beat some of those bonus challenge levels now…

  4. I sent my DH the link to the game when you first posted it. I’ve now become a Portal widow. But, he’s a happy man. Thanks for the recommendation. I may actually get a good night sleep!

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