The Northern Voice Speaker Submission Deadline Looms

Just a quick note to remind all potential speakers that the deadline for submitting is Monday, December 10. Be sure to submit before it’s too late. Fellow organizer Brian Lamb has some very sound suggestions for speaker submissions:

One, it is highly likely we will group people into what we hope will be complementary themes, so don’t feel like your idea has to carry 50 minutes. Two, be concise, but don’t be sloppy — there are a couple people on our committee (I might be one of them) who dislike proposals that read like they were dashed off while the coffee maker was warming up. And third, keep in mind that everyone at this event will be bloggy and be interested in social media, so this is the perfect opportunity to pitch that little crazy nugget of an idea that you never dared propose elsewhere. Original ideas stand out. Finally, keep in mind that though we get plenty of hard-core geeks, one of the things we treasure about Northern Voice is that it is a friendly place for a sizable contingent of newcomers to learn — in fact, we hope to schedule a full track of “101” and “FAQ” sessions on the basic and fundamental concepts of blogging and the attendant forms (feel free to offer to facillitate one of those).

I’m not sure if I get a vote this year, being in Malta and all, but I’m another of those people with no patience for sloppy abstracts. We’ve received a few “I’m so-and-so, and I’ll think of something to speak about later” submissions, implying that the submitter to so important and/or known to us that he (it’s always been men) doesn’t need to bother with the process. Those guys never get to speak.

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