O! A Blogging Meme

Over the last year, I received a fair bit of traffic courtesy of something Seth Godin started Mack Collier called The Z-List. Now I see there’s a new meme, called the O! (for outstanding) list.

I’m usually not one for memes dedicated to passing around blog traffic (or providing easy-to-write content), but Rebecca very kindly added me to the list. Plus, I owe some karma for the Z-list traffic.

After the jump, there’s a long list of links to blogs you might want to check out. I’ll add Derek, Maryam and this new-to-me movie blog, Row Three. The list is also testimony to having a snappy name for your blog–something I’ve never achieved. I was scanning the list and couldn’t help but click the link to That Girl in Marketing. I’m going to sneak another blog into that list too, which I’ll be launching over the weekend.

You may go forth and propagate this meme as you see fit. Come to think of it, there’s a ‘barrier to entry’ on this sort of thing. You need to know enough about HTML to view the source code and copy and paste the big bulleted list.


  1. I find lists like this less useful the longer they are.

    I’m just a casual reader of some blogs, including Darren’s, and I wouldn’t mind finding others that I like.

    But for me, O! is overwhelming.

  2. Laura: Whoops, indeed. It was a pesky problem with curly quotes and straight quotes. It’s fixed.

  3. Hey Darren,

    I’m glad you found Row Three and that you enjoy what we are doing. We are trying to provide an alternative to the regular movie news sites.


  4. Thanks for the link, Darren. Just so you know, the Z-list was actually started by Mack Collier (writer of the Viral Garden) last year. Seth picked it up later on.

  5. Nice one, Gavin. I was just clicking through to say that same thing and now I see it’s already fixed.

    Amazing to think that Mack’s original list was just a small handful of blogs, but spread very quickly and caught Seth’s attention almost right away.

    Not sure who added me to the O-list, but I owe them a thank you for the linkage.

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