Boring Fact About Me: I Drink 18 Litres of Water a Week

I’m starting a regular feature called “Boring Facts About Me”.

Just kidding.

I mean, in a way, the whole site satisfies that description.

I just left money on our stoop for the water man. This process amuses me. Each week we put our two empty 19-litre water bottles outside the front door. I leave 3.58 mL (CAN $12.47) in cash under one of the bottles in an envelope. Early the next morning, the water man comes by, collects the empty bottles and money, and leaves two full bottles. No invoices, no online banking. We just pay the guy, and he brings me water.

Anyhow, we drink almost the water each week (oddly, it hasn’t been influenced by the cooler weather). So I figure that’s about 18 litres for me (a couple of litres remain in the ceramic basin). Is 2.5 litres a day a lot?

Ordering bottled water is a bit of a luxury in terms of living green. We tried and couldn’t get used to the taste of the water. I gather most of it is desalinated sea water, and it’s pretty bitter.

Speaking of Maltese Lira, this will be the second time I’ll be living in a country when it switches over to the Euro. We’re going to be Valetta on December 31st, and apparently New Years will be extra exciting due to the change-over. Maybe I’ll be the first Canadian to spend a Euro in Malta?


  1. Most authorities recommend drinking 2 L (8 cups) of water a day, so I’d say 2.5 L is pretty normal, especially considering your body’s adaptation to a warmer climate. Exercise would also increase your body’s water demands.

    The water in Vancouver right now isn’t very nice…we’re experiencing that lovely turbidity due to heavy rainfall again.

  2. The official Canadian/American recommendation for daily water intake is 2.5L for adult women, 3.7L for adult men – this includes all the water in your diet (in drinking water, plus other beverages and water contained in food). In general, 70-80% of your water comes from drinking water & other beverages, so that would be 2.6-3.0L from beverages for you – which means 2.5L from water is pretty normal.

  3. hi,
    i just want to know. how can i get in touch with this water man or any other company that delivers water.
    thank you.

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