Group Your RSS Feeds By Usage, Not Topic

Over at Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders (who recently sent a schwack of traffic to this old post), I read Wood Tang’s interesting theory on reorganizing your folders in you RSS reader. It makes a lot of sense:

So it dawned on me to group my feeds by the way in which I want to read them, not by topic. If there were some feeds that I didn’t mind missing, and some of which I wanted to read every single word, I should organize them that way, not by their putative subject areas.

He suggests categories like ‘Can’t Miss’, ‘Skip Them’ and so forth. I could combine this with feed filtering from AideRSS and consume more of my feeds more efficiently.


  1. I order mine into Important, Moderate Importance, Spare Time Reading and Photography. It’s worked so far, and better than topic-based organizing which always ends up unsatisfying.

  2. I have mine set up by subject, but, like Gaurav Mishra, I enjoy the option of multiple tags and therefore also have some of my feeds directed into quick read folders.

  3. I find the Bloglines playlist feature very handy for this. I can categorize all of my feeds by subject/topic, then create playlists according to priority. This way I can have the best of both worlds (organize twice – that must mean that I am twice as efficient!)

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