Boring Site Note: A Few Words About My Link Blog

A couple of months ago, I started the link blog that you see in the sidebar on the left. It’s basically stuff that I find interesting, but isn’t necessarily worth a blog post. It comes from two sources–shared items in Google Reader, and sites I tag in

I’m not really sure, but I’d say I post five to ten items a day. I’m enjoying it as a lightweight means of publishing and filing away more stuff. If you’re on the RSS train, you can subscribe to my link blog. If you’re not on the RSS train, here’s how to find the station.

I also wanted to give current link blog subscribers a chance to give any feedback they might have. Too many items? Too few? Too much from a particular source?


  1. I like it. But I often find that there are multiple copies of the same item displayed in Bloglines. Most recently, your feed went on and on and on because there were so many copies of that Posh Spice thing.

  2. Zoom: Weird. I think that must be a Bloglines-specific issue, because the feed itself looks okay. I’m not sure what to recommend on that…

    And just so everybody’s clear, that ‘Posh Spice thing’ was regarding a search marketing conference. I reserve my real affection for Baby Spice.

  3. I like it. I appreciated it more when you started including brief summaries for the links, though. Before that, yours was always the link blog that I would follow when I wanted mystery and the unexpected when clicking a link!

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