When Julie and I travel, we like to bring back a piece of artwork or old map or something to remember the place by. They make for unique, functional mementos and fond reminders of our travels. We’ve been wondering what we’d bring home from Gozo–it’s a tiny island and the local crafts (lace-making and glass-blowing) aren’t really to our taste.

This summer, a Coca-Cola rep blew through our village and gave free Coke-branded signs to two or three local business. Among these was Rangers, our local hangout. A week rarely goes by in which we don’t eat at least one meal at Rangers.

I asked Tony, Rangers’ proprietor, what he was doing with his old wood and iron sign. He didn’t have any plans, so we acquired it in exchange for a donation to the local football club (Rangers does not refer, as I originally though, to an owner named Ranger, but to the Gharb Rangers).

And here it is:

Old Sign from Rangers Bar

It’s about two-and-a-half feet long by two feet high, and (as you can see) has this big iron hanging bracket. We don’t plan to actually hang it in our future home, so the first order of business is cutting the chains that connect the bracket to the sign (they’re behind the sign in the photo). Then, of course, we need to ship it

I thought we might get it turned into a table. Do you have any bright ideas for bar sign re-use?


  1. Sweet deal DB!

    I’ve seen signs made into tables before. Think of how glass table tops sit in a frame supported by legs. This has been the best execution. That way you don’t drill into the sign, it just sits in the spot where the glass would normally go. Depending on the actual size of the sign, you might be able to find a cheap ikea table and swap out the glass. Or there is a Mexican cabinet maker in Vancouver who does custom stuff. I’m sure you could get them to make it into a table.

    So cool. And exactly the type of thing that Barbara Hodgson would bring back from a trip–she’s the author I was telling you about,

  2. Far be it for me to tell you how to decorate (or what kind of house to build), but upon seeing your photo, I could just imagine that sign hanging somewhere from the vaulted ceiling of your future log cabin–and how cool that would look. As unpractical as it would be to ship around the world, the hardware is half the appeal…

  3. Okay…this might be a little more work, but what about setting it in as a floor tile in a part of your house or deck? Maybe as an outdoor welcome mat?

  4. I agree with Andy K. The hardware makes it. Even if you don’t hang it inside your house you could hang it in the garden, half hidden by bushes and vines with maybe a wooden garden seat beneath it and perhaps a tub of flowers .

  5. Please rethink removing the hardware. That sign is a gem. Please keep it and I know there will be a place to hang it up somewhere indoors or outdoors in your home. Perhaps we can build you a lapa for it. Trust me…

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