The Third Flood in Four Days

There was a serious rain storm on Gozo this morning. It didn’t last long, but it was tropical and torrential.

For the third time in four days, we found ourselves trying to redirect a small stream. It entered the house via the kitchen cupboards and exited out the back patio. There’s been some recent changes to the local drainage system, and we drew the short straw.

I moved over 300 litres of water from my clever collection system (yes, it featured another towel dam) in the dining room to the back patio. I counted the buckets.

November, it turns out, is going to be our busiest month of the year, work wise. I wasn’t keen on spending three hours swabbing the decks when we should be gettin’ paid.

Once the flood waters had receded, I had a stern discussion with our landlady about her anti-diluvian strategy. Happily, she also owns the farmhouse next door (in fact, I think they used to be one big building and got subdivided).

So, until the drainage system gets sorted, we’ll be cooking and eating on the main floor of her other house, and living and working on the upper floors of our own. It’s a risk of renting an old stone house, but I’m just glad not to be facing more bailing.


  1. Yeah – rub it in! Intermittent flooding is also a risk of enjoying the wilds of Gozo. No flooding in Dublin – although it is cold and grey. Enjoy the paddling!

  2. I was wondering if the elements were going to try and take you two down.

    Is cooking somewhere else sort of like eating in a restaurant every meal but having to also do the dishes and the cooking?

    Not fun.

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