Any Western Canadian Bloggers Want to Test Drive a Printer?

We’re doing some online marketing for Brother Canada, helping to spread the word on their new line o’ colour laser printers. I’ve contacted some local bloggers (using a slightly unorthodox but apparently effective strategy), but we’ve still got a couple of slots available in the, uh, program.

Here’s the deal: You’re a blogger who lives in western Canada. We ship you your choice of these printers (there’s also one of those print-scan-fax-make breakfast multi-function devices) and you try it out for two months. We’ll include a printer cartridge and some paper. You check it out, write, shoot or record a review in any form, tone and medium you like. Then you ship it back to Brother (we’ll cover the cost of shipping both ways, obviously).

If you’re interested, drop me a line with:

  • Your choice of printers
  • The URL of your blog
  • Your full name, snail mail address and phone number.

UPDATE: Wow, I didn’t anticipate that much interest in printers. We’ve filled the remaining slots.


  1. They seem a bit big to ship around even if you’re paying the shipping costs 😉

    As for printing, I don’t even own a printer anymore because I don’t print things out. As for reviews I’m usually up for reviewing whatever, but I tend to get to keep the product 😉 I understand that a laser printer is a big item for a company like Brother to part with but…

  2. Tyler: We don’t have a printer here either (imagine the shipping costs to Malta). I do miss being able to occasionally print out long, text-heavy documents to read offline.

    In my experience, there’s a price point above which companies (unless they’re Microsoft-scale) want to have stuff back. If I were guessing, I’d put it somewhere between $100 and $200.

  3. Darren: I remember when Microsoft sent out those laptops with Vista pre-loaded on it to a couple bloggers and tech-sites allowing them to keep it as long as they did a mention of it somewhere.

    The reviews I typically do I get to keep. Granted though they have ranged in the price of $50->$300 🙂

    Think the only thing I’ve had to send back after reviewing it was a Xircom Dual WAN router oh and the monitors/tvs from Toshiba and Samsung. Yea those were big $$$ items.

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