The Lovely, Evolutionary Growth of Wikipedia Articles

I periodically contribute to Wikipedia. One of my favourite Wikipedia phenomenon is the seemingly organic growth and distillation of articles, from tiny saplings to towering firs. Here are a few examples:

  • Two years ago (almost to the day), I wrote a blog post soliciting filming locations in and around Vancouver. Derek thought it would make a good Wikipedia entry, so he started one. Look at it today. It’s grown from 8 locations and 94 words to at least 100 locations and 4350 words. Length isn’t usually a good measure of a Wikipedia article’s quality, but given that this entry is mostly a hyperlinked list, it’s a useful metric.
  • Two years ago (again, I wrote about Cougar Annie, and started a Wikipedia article for her. It hasn’t had zillions of revisions, but it’s really evolved nicely. It’s got photos now, and a contribution (which needs editing) from Annie’s grand-daughter. I also got the author of Annie’s biography to review the entry.
  • I started an entry on cage dancing, because no encyclopedia is complete without it. I see that it’s acquired a photo by Kris.

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