Have You Ever Vomited Upon Hearing Bad News?

“Your sister is dead.” Blarrrggghhh!

“That’s not really your dog.” Eggarrrhhh!

“I know you’re a drug dealer.” Glarrrppp!

It’s a common convention in television and movies. Someone learns some awful news, and promptly pukes. I most recently saw an example of this technique while watching season two of Weeds (an excellent show, incidentally, and justification enough to include a picture of the lovely and talented Mary-Louise Parker).

I’ve never done it myself, or seen anybody do it, so I’ve always thought of it as lazy writing. It’s a quick and dirty way to dramatize the impact of exposition.

Have you ever vomited upon hearing bad news, or known somebody who has?


  1. Yes.

    Yes, I have.

    But no… I’m not sharing any details!

    Suffice to say, when you get hit by something bad enough out of the blue, it’s a natural reaction to, uhm, regurgitate.

  2. Jack: Interesting. I don’t really want to hear the details–I’m just curious whether people do it.

  3. i came close to it once, when i lived in south america and this guy, having learned that i was german, thought it would be cool to surprise me by unfurling his prize possession: a huge swastika flag.

  4. I actually generally get the flu after I get dumped. My body goes into shock, I throw up spontaneously and I get a fever. I have a very strong mind/body connection.

  5. I am a guy and yes I have vomited upon hearing bad news. In my case, it was after having heard that my ex had cheated on me.

  6. It seems like relationship stuff has nailed a few of my friends that way — being dumped, cheated on, etc… like Raul says.

    I got a surfboard in the gut and did it, but I think that made sense. 🙂

  7. Like everyone else… yeah, I had some relationship news once that caused me to vomit. Or at least, it would have if I’d been able to eat anything for the prior 3 days. Instead, I got to dry heave for about fifteen minutes.

    Distress basically makes my digestive system go bonkers. 🙂

  8. Interesting. Would anyone care to offer their insights on whether this is a gender-specific phenomenon or not? I am a guy, and I took the news just as bad as I think any woman would have (hence, my hypothesis is that bad news -> puking, regardless of gender of person cheating/dumping and regardless of gender of person being cheated on/dumped).

  9. No.
    But I often need to go to the bathroom when looking for things, like on library shelves, or snooping through my brother’s stuff as a kid.

  10. Yes, I’ve thrown up . Like now I heard my sister was prego made me so sick . I don’t know why but I am

  11. Yes. I have. I was curious about it and googled it and it brought me to this page. I know most posts were from 2007, but this happened to me last night. First time in my life. Got bad news and got instantly sick.

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