How to Survive a Zombie Attack (in Plain English)

Putting aside online documents and media releases, Lee and Sachi have created a new educational paper-based video that can help us all:

Despite the suggestion that BC is a hotbed for the undead, I dugg their video.

I have two related thoughts:

  • There’s a remarkable amount of zombie-based stuff on the web. Lee points to the always useful Zombie Survival Wiki. A couple of years ago I linked to a Kuro5hin article on the same subject, and people continue to drop by and leave comments on that post.
  • Seeking vapid reading material for a recent long-haul flight, I picked up the Zombie Survival Guide. To be frank, it was unoriginal and poorly written. It did, however, while away the hours between London and Toronto.


  1. I’d be interested to hear what you think of World War Z (I think the same author wrote it). I’ve never read the survival guide, but found WWZ to be interesting.

  2. This whole thing came from working with the folks at Wetpaint wikis. One of their editors runs the Zombie Survival Wiki and she was an awesome source of info. We really wanted to be true to the genre and Angela told us all about how seriously people take it. We expect to see some discussion in the comments about how “real” zombies actually behave. 🙂

    Oh, and sorry for the zombies coming from BC. 😉

  3. Oh yes, there’s evidence of the BC zombie infestation…or there will be on Flickr in about 72 hours.

    Also, the video made an interesting point: decapitating zombies is really a quality-of-life euthanasia issue. Can we decapitate the really, really dull, too? That would be almost as good for the planet.

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