Five Blogs That Are New To Me

I was doing a bunch of online research yesterday, and encountered a bunch of heretofore-unknown blogs. These five intrigued me for one reason or another:

  • Full Bodied – Nice (wine) rack! Keep abreast of vintner trends! The A, B, Cs and double-Ds of wine culture! “Two hot fat chicks on wine and other good things in life.” Features reviews and photos of wine nestled in cleavage. I don’t drink, and I kind of think the wine industry is a big scam, but I’m sure plenty of others will dig the wine plus boobs strategy. Thanks to The Vancouverite for the find.
  • Green as a Thistle – Vanessa is a journalist at the National Post, and is spending “an entire calendar year, doing one thing that betters the environment.”
  • Kitchen Witch – This looks like a popular and witty blog. I like any blogger who frets over the gender of her chickens: “Pepper is still gender-indeterminate. Curses. Looks slightly different from Liquorice, but then it’s not as if they’re identical twin chickens, now is it? I continue to think henly thoughts, pushing all roosterish inclinations from my mind.” Mostly, I liked the total absence of a header graphic. The first blog post starts at the very top of the page–quite unusual.
  • The Salvation Army of Canada – The Sally Ann has a pretty nice-looking blog. Who knew?
  • Chinese in Vancouver – Way to pick a niche–it looks really interesting. I’m subscribed. I was amused to see this post about a creepy former Chairman in China’s ruling party.


  1. Howdy, and greetings from the south-west of England! Picked you up from my trackback thingy and thought I’d drop in; always interested in Vancouverite things as have family in BC, so, er, hello — !

  2. good list…i’ve come across a few myself that i’ve blogged about relating to customer service…try (if you travel by air…slick)!

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