Three Quick Client Plugs

I just wanted to highlight a few client-related projects that might interest:

  • A few weeks ago I blogged about our Greenest Photo Ever contest. We got a bunch (344 to be exact) of great submissions. The six finalists are now up on DeSmogBlog, and you can vote for your favourite. The photos are gorgeous–the contest was a reminder of the remarkable skills of so many Flickr users.
  • For local web developers, our client Nitobi is hosting a Hack Day on Saturday, October 20–there’s free pizza and beer. For more information and to RSVP, see Facebook or Upcoming.
  • For Dreamweaver-lovin’ web designers, Nitobi’s newest release features Dreamweaver extensions for their Ajax components. You can add a fancy spreadsheet grid or combobox without all that messy coding nonsense.
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