My Memory Map of Gozo

I recently discovered that the satellite photos of Malta in Google Maps are vastly improved. When we planning our trip, Gozo was just a big greenish-brown blur. Now the resolution matches other parts of the world I’ve looked at.

For hilly countryside full of terraces and few landmarks, the new satellite photos are a real blessing. There are a couple of spots I’ve been trying to reach on my bike, but was never quite sure where they are. The overhead view makes all the difference.

I started messing around with Google Map’s newish ‘My Maps’ functionality, labelling points of personal interest around the island. In no time, I was up to fifty points, complete with Flickr photos and the occasional link. Here’s my memory map of Gozo–it’s a work in progress:

That interface is kind of a joy to work with. The joy, I think, harkens back to a childhood spent making Dungeons & Dragons maps.

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