I’ll Be in Toronto in October, What Should I See?

Just a quick note to say that I’ll be in Toronto next week for a speaking gig and some meetings. Plans include:

  • October 14 – I’m having a geek dinner with Will Pate and other Toronto luminaries. Will hates all sports, so I trust the conversation about how much the Leafs suck will be brief but florid. Location to be determined.
  • October 15 – In the evening, I’ll give my 1100 Stacies talk another crack at Third Tuesday Toronto(or Facebook, if you prefer) meetup. Curiously, that’s a Monday. Thanks to Joseph for organizing that. It looks like the event is fully booked, but maybe Joseph can squeeze you in if you ask himi nicely.

On October 16, I was supposed to speak at the 2nd annual Word Up conference, but I was notified a few days ago that they were changing the date (I gather the website has not been updated). That was disappointing, as it was a major reason I was coming to T-dot. I’m unsure why the date was shifted. I’ve helped run dozens of events over the years, and we’ve never changed a date. It is, I think, the most sacrosanct part of the event planning.

Free Time for Work and Pleasure

So, I find myself with a day or two of free time in the Canada’s biggest city. If you’re a Torontonian who’s interested in the same stuff I am, let me know and we can probably have coffee.

By the same token, I’ve spent almost no part of my adult life in Toronto. I plan to see The Hockey Hall of Fame and The Art Gallery of Ontario. I have no interest in the CN Tower. What else do you Central Canadians recommend?


  1. Hey Darren.

    Don’t bother with the Art Gallery – it’s in the midst of a major construction project and as of this weekend, is closed for the next few months. At any rate, only a fraction of the collection was on display of late.

    The Hockey Hall is worth a look, as is something like the Gardiner Museum (http://www.gardinermuseum.on.ca/). The Royal Ontario Museum and the big crystal wing addition might provide an alternative to the Art Gallery as well. For those with a shoe fetish, the Bata Show Museum is very interesting.

    Have fun.

  2. If it were me, I’d probably spend the day hitting all the musical instrument stores up and down Queen Street… but you’re not me. Neat restaurants in the area, though.

    If you’re looking for a place to go Monday evening after your talk, go see Kevin Breit and the Sisters Euclid play at the Orbit Room. They’ve played there nearly every Monday night for the past decade, and they are absolutely awesome. They play music like breathing.

  3. Wow, what a shitty fucking URL the alleged Word Up conference has. Try dictating that over the phone. I suppose it could be worse; there could be ampersands and “aspx” involved.

  4. If “Stacey” is the young woman who is always outside London Drugs at Granville and Georgia (usually to the left of the hot dog stand) with a carboard sign that says “Hungry and Broke”, her name is actually Molly.


  5. Second Roland’s recommendation of Kleinburg. It’s a nice little town and the gallery there has a fantastic collection.

    I’d also recommend you check out Kensington Market. It’s very cool and there are lots of great opportunities for photos.

  6. Richard: Ah, I see–thanks for that. That is confusing. Nope, I’m not going to the November event. I told the Word Up folks that–I’ll remind them.

  7. I second the Kensinton market recommendation. I also went walking around the U of T campus, and Queen St West when I was in TO in April.

  8. How about the Bata Shoe Museum. No, I am not kidding – it is quite informative and you will have a whole lot to blog about. Sandals from centuries ago… Go Darren – it is near the ROM.

  9. I’d recommend taking a ferry over to the Toronto Islands. They’re pretty cool and it’s a nice walk.

  10. If you’re into art, a good walk is the West Queen West area, west of about Euclid. You can drop in a dozen tiny contemporary art galleries along the way, as well as some interesting local designers, weird vintage furniture places, etc, then stop in at Beaver Cafe (or the Drake or Gladstone Hotels) for a bite to eat.

    Here’s a bit about the neighbourhood:

  11. I’ll second the Royal Ontario Museum suggestion, if you’re a museum fan. It’s excellent and pretty massive. And I haven’t even been inside it since the expansion.

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