Vancouver Student Seeks New Media Advisor

Todd asked me to help find a student an advisor for the fall. From Todd’s blog:

Last winter I had the opportunity to advise Eric Grossnickle, a graduate student in New Media at the Academy of Art.

Eric’s thesis project is the design and implementation of a media-rich ‘it just works’ environment to non-technical people who want to connect across the web. He’s in need of a second advisor in addition to myself for the coming Fall term. Ideally the advisor will have a technical and/or design experience in developing web 2.0 applications, and some experience in the business side as well. The commitment is to meet once a week (for 1 hour) and the advisor would be compensated by the University. Anyone interested in finding out more can get in touch with Eric.

It sounds like the advisor needs to be local to Vancouver, but I’m not sure about that.

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