Do Cheerleaders Actually Wear Their Uniforms to School?

HeroesWe recently started watching Heroes. I have pretty mixed feelings about the show, but I’ve only seen three episodes. I’ll give it some more time before passing final judgement.

As you probably know, the show’s brightest star is Hayden Panettiere. She plays Claire Bennet, who has a (as Wikipedia puts it) ‘spontaneous regenerative ability’.

Last night we were watching episode three, and Julie raised a good question:

  • In a lot of TV shows set in high school, the cheerleaders often wear their uniforms to school. That is, they showed up for class in their uniforms. At our high schools, cheerleaders never did this. Do cheerleaders actually do this (or did they when you were in school), or is it an invention of television?

I haven’t run a poll for a while, so here’s an easy way to respond.

It turns out that Ms. Panettiere is releasing an album this month. You can hear some of the tepid pop on her MySpace page.

UPDATE: I also made a Facebook poll, if you want to vote twice.

UPDATE #2: I closed the poll, and here are the results:

Do Cheerleaders Wear Their Uniforms to School?


  1. Granted, things have changed since I graduated high school in ’94, but the cheerleaders wore their uniforms back then on rally days, and I think on the Fridays before home football games. So it only would have happend in the first three months of the school year, and not daily.

    Like I said, though, it’s been a while. I’ve seen what those little tramps wear to school now, and it’s — well, disappointing. Why did I have to go to high school during the grunge era?!?

  2. My school didn’t have cheerleaders but I was fascinated with them nonetheless, as many a normal teenaged girl. I also knew that they wear their uniforms on game days to increase school spirit and as a reminder.

    Also, there’s a bit of cariacature in each of the characters so Claire is “The Cheerleader” and in the beginning we don’t see her wearing much else!

  3. On Game Days, the Football/Basketball team would wear their uniforms and the cheerleaders would as well… just a way to build school spirit and remind everyone it’s game day.

  4. Yup, they did in my school on game days. It’s funny, I’ve looked back and wondered if that is still the practice – boy does that make me sound old. The skirts were ever so short too – I’ve wondered in the past if it wasn’t the idea of some football coach somewhere to institute this practice. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, or complain for that matter.

    Travis – don’t forget the pillow fights.

  5. It’s a well known fact that cheerleaders wear nothing but their uniforms all the time. It’s also well known that all cheeleaders are bisexual but I digress…

  6. From 96-00 when I was a cheerleader, we wore our uniforms when we had pep rallys and on days we had to leave early for away games (Just to cut down on time to change). But it wasn’t something you just wore all the time.

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