Things I Meant to Write About

I’ve had a few browser tabs open in over the weekend. They’re topics that don’t necessarily merit a complete post, but I wanted to mention them:

  • She’s Geeky is an unconference that “will provide an agenda-free and friendly environment for women who not only care about building technology that is useful for people, but who also want to encourage more women to get involved.” Sounds like a great event. I wouldn’t have positioned this with the ‘geeky’ moniker. I know plenty of women who would be interested in and could contribute this unconference, but would prefer not to self-identify this way.
  • October 15th is Blog Action Day, when “bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind – the environment.” Hopefully they send me an email to remind me–I’m a very forgetful blogger. Oddly, when I registered my participation, they only asked how many RSS subscribers I had, not how many readers. Obviously plenty of site visitors don’t visit the front page, but my RSS subscribers are only a subset of the daily readers of this site.
  • John discovered a new alternative to cremation or burial: “Resomation is an environmentally responsible, non-burn, water based process which sympathetically returns the body to its constituent elements.” Weird, but strangely appealing.
  • I didn’t realize how shockingly negligent the American government has been regarding lead poisoning among its population. Has the Canadian government done any better?
  • I must find an anonymizing tool which will serve up my IP address as Canadian, so that I can watch Hockey Night in Canada from abroad. Because of licensing issues, the CBC restricts the games to Canadian Internet users.


  1. I first started reading your blog when a friend of mine emailed me your post about how to watch Canucks games online. And now you give me the link to all the Hockey Night in Canada games online – I didn’t know they were doing this! You rock!

  2. Indeed, once you sort yourself out, I’ss pass along your gracious knowledge to the Canucks Outsider ex-pats as a follow up to Watching Hockey the Barefoot way.

    I wrote some discourse on the CBC’s un-inspired policy at “CBC’s lukewarm response to ex-pat hockey fans“.

    By the way, I’ll be at the Super Series (Summit Series for the new millennium) on Sunday to see if Canada can run the series 8 straight. Haven’t caught any of the games on TV cause i disconnect cable the day the Stanley Cup is awarded and don’t turn it on ’til the season starts.

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