Purify Your Sketchy Water With a SteriPEN

I really dig Kevin Kelly’s awesome Cool Tools newsletter–there’s always a fascinating recommendation on a new device. This week there’s a glowing review of the SteriPEN, a little flashlight-shaped water purifier that uses ultra-violet light.

The reviewer describes uses the SteriPEN at restaurants on his trip to Africa:

On my trip, often when I asked a waiter for a glass of tap water, my request would elicit a smile or a laugh. In some cases, they simply would not bring me a glass of water. Most of the time, though, I convinced them — and then, to their amazement, I would take out the SteriPEN, push a button, and stir the water with the glowing purple UV light that always brought stares from other diners. After less than 60 seconds, I would take out the SteriPEN and drink the water, occasionally hearing gasps from other tables.

It’s US $125, but it sounds like it delivers pretty reliable peace of mind. Now, I must start going to more places where such a device is required.

I was reviewing the product info, and happened upon this line of text:

Now you can carry hundreds of gallons of purified water in your pocket, purse or travel bag.

It took me far too long to figure out that they meant, you know, metaphorically carry. I’m a bit thick that way.


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