Can I Get a ‘Meh’ For the New Canucks Uniform?

Well, that’s a uniform designed by committee, isn’t it? How does that idiom go? Try to satisfy everyone, and you’ll satisfy no one. There’s nothing wrong with it, per se. It’s just a kind of lame mishmash of recent iterations. Is something a ‘mash-up’ when it’s good, and a ‘mishmash’ when it’s bad?

Here’s the official announcement with a clearer photo, and
photos and reactions from Kimu, The Chief Canuck, Nephrus, Rebecca and, uh, Living Sword.


  1. You are correct in that it does seem designed by committee. Although most love the old blue stick jersey, most also dislike the orca.

    Placing “Vancouver” along the top front is an attempt to tie in with a city that is more popular and well known than the hockey team, a kind of “name dropping”.

    My wife will not have to talk me out of buying it.

  2. word, word. and we just bought a vintage green/blue jersey at the end of last season! doh!

    captain canuck, where art thou?!

  3. Agreed, this isn’t exactly what I was hoping for. And Gillian nailed it, at least they haven’t delved into the orange and black.

  4. I hate to say this, but I can’t tell much of a difference between the old and new… Wasn’t the old one blue with an orca? The new one is blue with an orca. You see my conundrum? I guess there old one wasn’t that great, either.

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