Anthony Kiedis at the End of the World

    Anthony Kiedis at the Blue Hole

  • When you live on a tiny speck of land in the middle of the Mediterranean.
  • When you live on an island off the coast of an island.
  • When you take some visiting friends down to see a local tourist attraction.

The last person you expect to see is an international rock sensation.

Julie and I are with our friends Rob and Suze, and we’re wading around in the shadow of the spectacular azure window. We’re just on our way out when we pass a group on their way in. Suze points out that we’ve just walked past none other than Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and occasional nudist.

Rob snapped a surreptitious photo while I resisted the temptation to go over and ask him if Catholic school girls do, in fact, rule. It was a bit surreal, as it’s kind of the last place you expect to meet the guy who wrote, say, “Sexy Mexican Maid” or “Fight Like A Brave”.

I happened to see Mr. Kiedis and his girlfriend again as they were riding a scooter down Republic Street in the island’s main town of Victoria. That dude has a lot of tattoos.

I saw over on Malta Forums that somebody scored an autograph.

In related photographic news, check out how I managed to ruin this perfectly lovely shot. That’s me with the snorkel. I did manage to compensate for it, though, by snapping this nice photo with Rob’s camera.

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  1. That’s awesome.

    His rock biography, “Scar tissue” was a fascinating read. It’s amazing that he’s still alive.

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