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Today, as you probably know, is the big day for a global series of concerts for climate change (et al) called Live Earth. There’s a schwack of concerts all over the place–you can see a complete list of performers on Wikipedia.

It’s interesting how this global concert phenomenon has re-emerged. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we have Live Aid in 1984 (you young’ins may want to look that up), and then no huge, multi-continent concerts until Make Poverty History. What’s changed? I’m a cynic, so I wonder if it’s in part because the record industry is trying to stave off its slow, messy demise.

In any case, it’s for an excellent cause, so you should go answer the call and make a very reasonable commitment to lightening your impact on the planet.

In related news, MSN is streaming the concerts over the web. I visited their site using Firefox, and got shunted to this page:

The Usual Pound of Flesh

Guess they couldn’t resist taking their pound of marketing flesh, eh?

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  1. It’s interesting. I hadn’t noticed how much energy I was wasting until I watched the Live Earth series. I ended up having it on in the background (of my computer which I was already using, so I wasn’t wasting any power there), and I learned quite a bit, not to mention was actually a bit disgusted with some of the facts.

    The fact that hit me the hardest though was the fact that recycling a single tin can will save enough energy to power a television for three hours. That’s (for lack of a better word) insane.

    But I have some good news: since I started actually paying attention, I’ve already started a recycling pile, which consists of 90% of the “garbage” that I would have simply thrown away a few days prior.

    Hey, I guess I *am* susceptible to marketing after all. 🙂

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