Hello, New York Times Readers

If you’ve come here from this New York Times article, you’re probably looking for my short review of Sicko (The Times only provided a link to my home page in the main body of of the article).

Otherwise, feel free to look around. You may want to browse the categories in the left sidebar below my little link blog. If you like what you see (and you know what I’m talking about), consider subscribing to my RSS feed.

If you don’t know what RSS feeds are, and want to learn, watch this handy three and a half minute video.


  1. So what’s this New York Times thing — kind of like a blog with lots of big ads? Sort of like grandpa used to read on the couch, and get his fingers all messy?

    We used to have one of those in my town, too — but people quit buying it when they dropped Family Circus. Just didn’t seem the same.

    Maybe you and some other bloggers could all get together and print out your blogs every day, sell them to little kids, and have them come and toss them on my lawn early in the morning.

    What a country!

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