Take Better Photographs

Via Digg (I think), here’s a straight-forward, well-illustrated article on ten ways to improve your photographs. I suppose these are pretty bog standard, but some of them served as good reminders:

Most people don’t take a single photograph without posing in front of a perfectly good scene. Don’t get me wrong, its nice to see someone was somewhere, but how many of those can you really look at and stay interested. The pictures feel extremely static and people always pose the same way. You might as well pose in front of a blue screen.

I don’t mind a few vacation snapshots and some of them can be quite funny, but I think it is a much better idea to capture the moment. People laughing and joking or having fun going after some activity is much more interesting than having them pose together in front of the camera.

You may find this article–about the photographic version of the phrase “fix it in post”–more interesting.


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