Félicitations, Alain

I’m a little late on this (what can I tell you? It’s the off-season and I’m half a world away), but I just read on Beth’s blog that Alain Vigneault won the NHL’s coach of the year award. Strong work:

He returned forcefully to the NHL last season for the first time since 2000. He leaped onto the Vancouver scene. He played no favourites. He benched starters right off the hop. He made his players earn their playing time.

And in so doing, he got a team to buy in to a cultural change that showed he had learned plenty since being fired from the Montreal Canadiens.

He deserves it. This team has the best work ethic of any Canucks team I’ve watched in a long time. Now, if they can just obtain a little more talent up front, they’ll be in good shape.

Oh, yeah, and Calgary: good luck with that wingnut.


  1. Calgary: good luck with that wingnut.

    Serioulsy. And just when I thought I couldn’t hate Calgary anymore!

  2. This may go down as the best off-season for the Canucks, not matter what happens in free agent signings. I expect the Flames implosion begins approximately January 22, 2008 when Kiprusoff gets pulled three times in the same game.

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