Vancouver Tech Companies, Sponsor BarCamp

Our BarCamp Vancouver CollateralIf all goes well, I’m going to be in Vancouver for this year’s BarCamp on August 17 and 18. I was an organizer last year, but this year I’ll just be a lowly attendee.

In any case, I wanted to plug the event and encourage all of you local software companies to pony up the mere CAN $500 it takes to become a sponsor. That’s like, what, less than a copy of Windows Vista Premiumtastic? Plus, you can make some fun collateral like we did last year.

UPDATE: You can sign up for BarCamp Vancouver on the wiki, and there’s the inevitable Faceborg group and event.

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  1. The facebook vancouver barcamp group page still exists, but the event page along with it’s creator are mysteriously absent from facebook.

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