Tower Defence Time Waster, Mark Two

You may recall that a few weeks ago I helped spread a plague of lost corporate efficiency by blogging about Desktop Tower Defence. Somewhere I recently encountered this blog post, describing five such tower defense games. In the interests of science and delaying any number of vital software projects, I checked out all five.

The best of the bunch is Onslaught. It’s more complex than DTD, each games lasts longer, and the strategy seems more sophisticated. The only down side is that there’s currently no sound, though this may be a bonus if you’re trying to avoid raising your boss’s suspicions. I also like the game’s pace. I can start a game and have it running in the background for the first 40 or 50 levels. In fact, there’s a game running on an adjacent tab as I write this blog post.

If anybody plays the game for a little while, you may want to check out how the experts do things.

UPDATE: Via Metafilter, here’s a funky vectorized version of DTD, complete with calming chillout grooves. Go here to avoid the irritating intro ad.

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