The Aesthetic of These Google Videos is Vaguely Familiar

I’m doing a bunch of stuff on YouTube today, and noticed a series of videos from “The Official Google Channel”. They’re short interviews with Google staff from around the globe. Here’s Lina from Zurich:

I’m not accusing anybody of anything malevolent, but it struck me that the style of those videos is extremely similar to those Apple ads from a few years ago. Here’s the most famous one:

It’s obviously an effective look. In case you were wondering, you can read about what Ellen’s up to these days.


  1. The style is actually that of Errol Morris, who won a documentary Oscar for The Fog of War in 2003. In it, he used his same same signature “Interrotron” device to interview former United States Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Not sure whether he’s involved with the Google ones, but Morris did shoot the Apple ads.

  2. Fog of War is one of the best films to come out in the last 5 years.

    While they may be using an Interrotron (basically a teleprompter that displays an interviewer’s face to the subject rather than pre-written text) I think the thing that makes this clip oddly familiar is that bit at the end, ‘My name is Robert Mcnamara and I’m a former secretary of defence’

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