I’m Such a Mumbler

My new Hungarian MacBook has a video camera in it. Clearly I should leave it well enough alone:

I mention a link to Wikipedia for the Basilica ta’ Pinu. Here’s it’s official site, with a peculiar, extremely brief sound cue on every page.


  1. lighthouse: Ta’ Gordan

    honey ring: Qaghaq ta’ l-GHasel (guttural sound – aaa- guttural sound tuh -l uhsel)

    sun: jealous

    pool: jealous

    the way you say hewm for HOME: not jealous

  2. Hmm. I wonder why there are stray cats hanging out and going inside? Could we find a clue in the nickname “dine and dash?” Perhaps, perhaps.

    Really though, great to see you in almost real life Darren.

  3. Jacques: And did I say ‘aboot’? Thanks for the pronunciations, but I’m still working on ‘sqaq’.

    Lee: Heh, we actually always feed her outside, so as to discourage her from coming into the house. When she does, she immediately flops down on the tiles. We figure she’s just hot, and likes the cold tiles on her belly.

    Sarah: Sure, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from Japan. You can have a Maltese Christmas. Unless we stay on longer, that is.

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