Client Plug: Make a Video About Being Canadian and Win Big

We’re doing a little work with Canada Place, the big sail barge (not that sail barge) on Burrard Inlet in downtown Vancouver. They’re running a contest to make a video about “the Canadian Experience”:

Three finalists will be selected and the winning submission will win a trip for two to Vancouver, two nights hotel accommodation and $500 in spending money. Video submissions must be no longer than 60 seconds and should make sense with or without sound.

It’s time to put on your thinking toque and get filming. The more outrageous the better! Just remember to keep it safe and clean.

What about those of you already in Lotusland? Vancouverites get a long weekend in the city at the Pan Pacific Hotel, car rental and gas for the weekend. They receive three nights accommodation, and $100 gift certificates for two different restaurants (Carderos and Glowbal).

They made this little sample video which, forgive me, looks decidedly beatable:

The contest closes next Tuesday, June 19, so think Soderbergh, not Kubrick. And sorry all you lovely foreign readers, the contest is only open to Canadians. What’re you going to do, eh?

UPDATE: Hey,! Because you only permit traffic from Canadian IP addresses, I can’t access your site to contact you. I may, in fact, want to give you some money. I’ll investigate some anonymizing strategies, but in the meantime, drop me a line if you notice this.


  1. I hope your Soderbergh/Kubrick comparison was based on speed of process and delivery rather than quality, because I have a giant crush on Mr. Soderbergh that will never be requited.

  2. Indeed, that was about the speed with which they shoot. To be honest, no really-fast-filmmakers sprung to mind, but I had a vague notion that Soderbergh works fast.

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