My Photos of the Hungarian State Opera House

Fancy ChandelierOne of the highlights of our trip to Budapest and Vienna was our tour of the Hungarian State Opera House. I love theatre architecture, so I often try to go on these tours when we’re in a new city.

I took a bunch of photos, and they mostly sucked, but I was reasonably happy with these ten. One of the photos shows the air conditioning vents under each seat. These worked using huge blocks of ice in natural caves under the building, making the theatre one of the earliest buildings to have air conditioning. It was pretty muggy in Budapest, so I imagine these vents must have been a God-send for corseted opera-goers.

I added one of my opera house photos to the theatre’s Wikipedia entry, replacing one that was already there. I figured it was a better representation of the auditorium, and of a much larger size.

In Vienna, we mostly took photos of the Prater (a big fun fair) and the Naschmarkt.

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