Photos from Comino and Budapest

Julie and her Mom made a day trip to Comino, the third island in the archipelago of Maltese islands. Nestled between the two bigger islands and named for the cumin that once grew there, it has all of four full time residents, one resort, and one of the most picturesque lagoons in the world.

Because of the Blue Lagoon, the place gets inundated with hordes of day-tripping tourists. The trick is to stay at the resort, so that you can enjoy the lagoon in relative peace and quiet in the early morning and late afternoon. We plan to give that a try over the summer. Julie took a few photos of the extraordinarily aquamarine water around Comino (click for the complete set):

Hat and Lagoon

As I mentioned, we’re on a working holiday in Budapest and Vienna this week, balancing work with some sight seeing and shopping. Yes, I’ve acquired a new MacBook, and the Hungarian keyboard is frickin’ awesome. We’ve taken some photos, ad I think this is my (somewhat manipulated) favourite (again, click for the whole set):

Statue and Orange Sky

On a related note, how’s this for a strange flavour of chocolate bar? Nonetheless, it was tasty.


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